Shapewear VS. Skincarewear

With fashion, there is always a battle.  What is in style this season?  What will be an immediate trigger for being out of style? (Hello, mullet skirts.)  Shapewear is changing.  Your Shapewear never goes "out of style" but it is constantly being improved upon.  Skincarewear is that improvement. The newest battle is Shapewear vs. Skincarewear.  Shapewear has been around for years. Skincarewear is new and you might not know about it. Shapewear pros:
  • It's a foundation garment, the "canvas" if you will.
  • It helps smooth lines
  • Creates shape
  • It's versatile, wear it under any garment
Shapewear cons:
  • You can not wait to rip it off
  • You keep thinking about how you feel in them, and not in a good way
  • Thick fabric that you are wrapping around you that isn't exactly breathable
  • Hello, sandpaper fabric
Skincarewear pros:
  • Like it's little sister Shapewear, it is a foundation garment
  • Smooths lines with smooth fabric
  • Delivers skincare ingredients while you wear it
  • It never goes out of style
Skincarewear cons:
  • If you are reading this, and don't own SKIN-EEZ®, that is the biggest con!
Shapewear is really the little sister to Skincarewear.  Skincarewear has all of the elements of shapewear but has added a smooth, breathable fabric that feels like air.  You won't even notice that you have them on, until you take them off and realize how smooth your skin feels. Battle winner:  Skincarewear! Written by Lindsay MacKinnon ®Skincarewear is a registered trademark

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