Be at "EEZ" in YOUR Skin

There is nothing new about being at ease in your skin.  Being confident.  Being more in your skin. There is, however, something new about the way we can do it. I am a 31 year old young professional.  Over the past year and a half I have managed to shed 65 pounds.  In my lifetime I have been a size 4.  I have been a size 20.  Each pound lost was a lesson gained.  The most important lesson I learned was to be at ease in my own skin.  I am a size-confident now. No matter what size I have been, I have dressed the body I am in with ease. Sure, some days it might look like a clothing hurricane hit my bedroom.  Today, I am going to share with you my top ten tips to being at ease in your skin. 1) Care for your skin no matter what size you are - We all know the basics; drink water, wear sunscreen, wear moisturizer. 2) Nourish your skin - don't leave home without moisturizer.  The reason I love SKIN-EEZ® so much is that on the days that I forget my moisturizer, my SKIN-EEZ® are doing the work for me.  I don't always have time to invest in a full skincare routine.  The garment does it for me. 3) Establish your foundation garments - Black camisole, black leggings, shape-wear thigh smoother, comfortable and uplifting bra.  Once you have your foundation, you can work your layers in.  This is the definition of effortless style. 4)  Know your layers - the best pieces to invest in are Shape-wear.  Shape-wear isn't a trend.  It never goes out of style.  That black camisole that smoothes your skin under your fashionable top is the most important piece to the puzzle. Throw on a cotton camisole that droops and doesn't work for you and that expensive blouse won't be working for you the way you want it to.  Whether I have been a size 4 or 20, I always have my reliable go-to black camisole that smooths lines and provides comfort. 5) Versatile garments - You work.  You go out.  You go to the gym.  You sleep.  Having pieces that you can wear for multiple uses is key.  It helps simplify life and makes things easier.  My go garment - click here. 6) Think outside the box - You know what top I get the most compliments on?  My black and white caftan I picked up on clearance at Target.  Yup.  Beachwear.  You know what I wear it with?  My go-to black leggings, a killer pair of heels and on-trend jewelry.  Not every garment fits into one category of fashion. 7)  Take the scarf off - Yes, you heard me.  I use to be the biggest offender here.  I use to think that by throwing on an attractive scarf no one would notice the bulky layers and baggy jeans I had on.  Wear your scarves as a pop of color.  Don't let it distract you from your foundation garments. 8) Think simple - Ombre.  Glitter.  Reverse Ombre.  Glitter.  Chevron.  Prints.  Glitter.  There are just so many trends that it is sometimes hard to stay focused.  If you have your foundation garments you can work small pieces in that are on trend.  Printed leggings will only go so far for so long. 9) Don't buy garments that are uncomfortable - Period.  Don't sacrifice your skin for the sake of fashion.  Why would you wear fabric that is completely unbreathable? Why would you wear a textile that does nothing for you?  Hence, why I am so addicted to skincarewear. 10) Walk into the room and own it - That energy is visible.  When you simplify your routine, stick to your foundation garments and care for your skin from the inside-out, people notice you in the best of ways.  No matter what size you are. The most important discovery for me has been combining skincare with wearable foundation garments.  SKIN-EEZ® doesn't go out of style for me.  It doesn't matter what size I am either.  I need the foundation of a good skincare routine and great garments I can wear under my clothes.  Wearable skincare, if you will! Now get your SKIN-EEZ® on!  

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