Fashion Brand Meets Medical Compression Needs

FASHION BRAND MEETS MEDICAL COMPRESSION NEEDS SKIN-EEZ™ is the first and only fashionable compression wear, unlike any other, clinically proven to deliver health benefits to skin. SKIN-EEZ’ revolutionary patented fabric meets both cosmetic and reparative medical needs of the wearer, and is the leading comfortable garment for everyday wear.  Clinical research by the CORE Institute has proven that SKIN-EEZ™ Skin-Reparative Compression Wear Garments improve skin elasticity, reduce target area circumference, improve skin tone and firmness, and decrease skin fatigue, all while soothing and moisturizing skin as they are worn. THE CLINICAL STUDY The CORE Institute conducted a clinical study to test the effect of SKIN-EEZ™ Skin-Reparative Compression Garment Socks on the circumference of the legs and tone of the skin over 4-weeks.  The study included 42-female volunteers, ages 18 to 70, who wore SKIN-EEZ garments eight hours per day. PROVEN RESULTS After just 4-days of using the SKIN-EEZ™ Skin-Reparative compression sock, 78% of women felt that their skin was much more moisturized, and 100% of women stated that SKIN-EEZ Skin-Reparative Compression Wear was soft and comfortable to wear.  After 2-weeks of wear, SKIN-EEZ ™ Skin-Reparative Compression Garments were shown to decrease the size of the thigh and calf, and improve skin tone: - Calf size was measured to have decreased by ¼ inch after 2-weeks - Overall firmness of the skin on the back of the leg increased by 30% after 2-weeks - The ability for the skin to resist repeated deformation (skin fatigue) improved by 28%, with similar results along the entire leg Such results were observed throughout other areas of the legs, and continued through 4 weeks of the trial: - Ankle size decreased by 3/16 inch after 4-weeks - Overall firmness of the skin on the back of the leg increased by 42% after 4-weeks - The ability for the skin to resist repeated deformation (skin fatigue) improved by 39% on the back of the thigh, with similar results along the entire leg Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.01.17 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.02.20 PM #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Chairman & CEO of the CORE Institute Dr. David J. Jacofsky explains, “This is the first technology, and somewhat revolutionary, in that through the delivery of compound medications to the skin, it actually affects the skin and affects the body in a way that’s much different than just clothing.” SKIN-EEZ has an early-mover advantage in product development, functional trials, and is the first textile brand to be Clinically Proven, #1 Doctor Recommended, and endorsed by Top Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Orthopedic Surgeons.  SKIN-EEZ garments are loved by a variety of celebrities, including Tory Spelling, Denise Richards, Pink, Lisa Presley, the Pussycat Dolls, and Kim Kardashian, and have been praised internationally on TV by The Doctors, CBS: The Early Show, HSN, LA Fashion Week, and more. SKIN-EEZ™ Innovative Technology: Each Compression Garment is infused with patented microcapsule technology, activated by the friction and body heat of the wearer, that provides a balanced combination of natural-based moisturizing ingredients. SKIN-EEZ™ Skin-Reparative Garment Spray is the replenishment technology that allows the wearer to continuously infuse compression garments with these cosmeceutic ingredients, allowing the garments to maintain healing capabilities indefinitely achieve long-term results. -

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