Let What You Love Be What You Give

Having began our journey in promoting social causes through fashion, SKIN-EEZ’ core passions are founded in charity, outreach, and social empowerment.  Having developed  from Legends and Heroes, SKIN-EEZ’ parent company that combined the development of several top-selling fashion lines and formed relationships with major professional athletes and entertainers to donate a portion of each sale to nonprofits, we are always looking to make “what we love be what we do.” (Learn about SKIN-EEZ’ journey and CEO Michelle Moran here!) HuffPost’s Impact article 11 Ways To Use Your Skills To Do Good really caught our attention, as it encourages us to employ our skills and passions to aid social causes.  Whether you have a culinary, crafty, or musical talent, there are some inspiring organizations through which you can channel your skill and give back to your local, national, or even international community! If 2015 is your year to improve the world around you, here are some fantastic outlets for your skills, talent, and love.

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