Be More in Your Skin, Don't Hide It - What Sets SKIN-EEZ Apart

When we heard about Huffington Post Style’s article titled “Spanx And Other Shapewear Are Literally Squeezing Your Organs,” we knew that it would be an enlightening article reflecting the tendency for shapewear brands to create garments that constrict and hide the natural shape of a woman’s body. Often we hear that shapewear garments are tight, restrictive, abrasive to the skin, and can make the wearer feel more uncomfortable about their body.  SKIN-EEZ creator Michelle Moran sought to change exactly that, and to create comfortable skincarewear that soothes, tones, and moisturizes your skin, rather than hiding women’s bodies behind a constricting shaping garment. Michelle’s vision arrived from the experience she had while wearing a post surgery compression garment recommended by her doctor. Realizing how rigid and uncomfortable the garments made her feel, she knew that the industry would benefit from fabrics that sooth and heal the skin. SKIN-EEZ is changing the expectations women have of their clothing by offering items — from post surgery undergarments that promote wellness, to everyday shapers, and active wear that contour and slim the body, while delivering moisturizing ingredients to the skin. SKIN-EEZ began as a vision to create smoothing garments that are non-restrictive, non-abrasive, and that actually improve the health of the skin while worn.  SKIN-EEZ Skincarewear garments provide comfortable, moderate compression, gently smoothing bumps and bulges, while not restricting movement or circulation. SKIN-EEZ  garments contain more skincare ingredients than a jar of skin cream, and infuse the skin with beneficial skincare ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Retinol, Sunflower Oil, as well as Vitamins A and E throughout the day. This is what sets SKIN-EEZ apart: SKIN-EEZ Skincarewear garments are designed to compliment your natural shape, and are so comfortable that they can be worn at any time, day or night.  SKIN-EEZ garments empower women to feel truly comfortable and confident in their skin, and honor the natural beauty of women. Be More Fabulous, Empowered, Healthy, Confident, and Beautiful in Your Skin!

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