The Campaign on Selfies Promoting Unique Beauty

Since its premier at the Sundance Film Festival, the short film “Selfie” has earned acclaim from fans and filmmakers, garnered media attention, and brought on tears of joy among audiences worldwide.  In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, the film explores the popular notions of beauty, and how those ideas affect the women’s self confidence.  The film explores how cultural norms and expectations of beauty are shared among young women, as well as how they are passed on from mothers to daughters. This moving film explores the insecurities of young women in an era of social media, but also displays how those social media tools can actually promote and share womens’ natural beauty. Just as mothers have shaped the way their daughters have come to understand beauty, young women can now reshape beauty in the eyes their mothers. Visit Dove’s Real Beauty Homepage and share what Real Beauty means to you! Watch “Selfie” HERE

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