The "It" Item for Fall 2015 / Winter 2016

Let's be honest here, winter and skin, well, they aren't the best of friends!  As the nights get shorter and the temperatures drop, we are reminded to bring out our old friend: Moisturizer!  Well we want you to forget about lugging big bottles of cream around with you.  We have a solution!
The "It" Item for Fall 2015 is our solution.  A double-duty tight that helps you look great and feel great. The most popular item for this time of year is our Reversible Footless Tight.  This tight provides two looks in one!  We have a Grey and Black that works perfectly with the bold statement colors for fall.  The brown and black works perfectly with the earthy neutrals or a pop of color and paired with boots! What is it that really sets the tights apart? It is the built in skin benefit!  SKIN-EEZ Tights all have skincare ingredients infused into them. That's right!  All the great ingredients that you find in a jar of cream! From shea butter to retinol, we have you covered!  So while you are wearing your favorite tights, they are battling dry skin!  They help to hydrate your skin while you wear them.  After you wear them ten times, you just simply refresh them with our spray. When we say "feel the difference," we really mean it!  Our tights are so soft, they feel like silk or cashmere, but with the look of a tight!  The ingredients in the tights not only help your skin, but make the tight feel like no-other.  Light compression helps to create a smooth shape under your favorite tunic or dress. There is nothing better than having a great layering piece, that does double-duty.  Not only are our tights reversible, but they help your skin stay silky smooth all winter long!   So be sure to check out our tights: Buy Now

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The Secret Skincare Routine We Guarantee You Have Never Heard Of!

Shhhhhhh!  Don't tell anyone!

Actually, we take that back. Tell everyone!  


The newest skincare routine that helps lead to beautiful skin

is not in a jar or bottle of expensive cream...


We all have our own unique spin on our skincare routine.

For example, one of the ladies in our office just adores Rose Hip Seed Oil.  She keeps it in the refrigerator and uses it on her face every night to help reduce scaring and fine lines.  She swears it works, and we believe her!  Another gal we know keeps a gallon of water on her desk every day.  We have fun trying to guess what crazy infusion she will bring. Will it be mint water?  Grapefruit?  Plain ol' Lemon? When it comes to moisturizing the body, we don't always have as much time for the products.  Freezing cold moisturizer right out of the shower?  We don't think so!  We figured out a way to just about ditch the big bottle of body moisturizer.  This is how...

The Newest Routine Is A Bit of A Secret.

It is a secret because it has been newly invented.  It is wearable skincare!  Typically, we think of a cream that we put on and it is absorbed right away.  Wearable skincare is a fabric that you wear that hydrates you throughout the day.  The natural ingredients are infused right into the fabric.  The heat from your body helps to release the hydrating ingredients slowly.  That means your skin receives the hydration all day long.

The Ingredients Are Natural

We all have our top ingredients we look for in a cream.  Wearable skincare is packed with some of the best out there.  Shea Butter gives that luxurious rich hydration.  Apricot Kernel Oil promotes cell renewal.  Rose-Hip Seed Oil, as we know from our "Office Superfan", helps with scarring.  Vitamin A and E are packed with antioxidants that battle early signs of aging.

Now The Fun Part, The Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.13.04 AMThis amazing fabric comes in a variety of styles.  We start with the basics, foundation garments if you will.  The kind of pieces that you can build your look around!  A sleek, simple black camisole and black capri are a top seller.  From head-to-toe you will be moisturized all day and it is perfect for layering in the winter.

Buy Here

 CVS_LifestyleLifestyle_NeedEdit1 We just couldn't wait to let you all in on our newest secret!  Wearable skincare by SKIN-EEZ!  
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A New Way to Work Out, in a New Fabric!

Yes, we said it.  A new fabric for working out.  This isn't just your typical spandex or lycra.  It isn't silk or cashmere but it sure feels just as soft!  We have invented a new fabric, wearable skincare™

Well, what exactly is wearable skincare?

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.33.13 PM Let's start with the fabric.  First, it is all about how it feels when you wear it.  We have all made the tragic mistake of buying a cute printed capri and then realizing it it feels like sandpaper.  How about that adorable camisole that makes you feel like you are wearing a soaked heating pad at the gym?  We have done that too. Our solution is wearable skincare that feels silky smooth.  The fabric is airy, light and truly feels like a second skin. With the amazing stretch and compression of spandex and lycra.  There are also no annoying seams to get in your way!  Oh, and bonus; those tags? Well, we don't have any.  All of our garments are stamped instead of adding another layer of irritation to your skin! Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.33.30 PM Pictured: SKIN-EEZ Fan wearing her Boy Short while Wakeboarding! So we know it is wearable, but how exactly is it skincare?  To make the fabric super soft, we have infused each garment with popular, healthy skincare ingredients.  Shea Butter helps with hydration and feeling silky smooth all day.  Retinol, or Vitamin A, helps provide some serious defense against free radicals.  Rose Hip Seed Oil helps replenish the skin and may even help with scarring.  The fabric not only feels amazing but provides you with all the benefits of an entire jar of cream! The fabrics hydrate your skin, over time, while you wear them.  The skincare isn't "lost" in the fabric, it is retained for up to ten washings.  As your skin heats up a bit, the moisturizer kicks in, making this garment amazing for yoga or under your favorite ski gear!  Added bonus: it feels amazing!  No grease, no sweat (this fabric wicks it away, baby!) So, what to do when choosing your gear?  We know the number one thing is that it is comfortable.  The next thing is that it is functional.  Then, of course, stylish. SKIN-EEZ has you covered.  Our garments are the perfect foundation piece.  We have Capris, Camisoles, Boy Shorts, Reversible tights and Thigh Smoothers. So try out that new fabric!  Wearable Skincare is finally here!
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What's Your Transitional Wardrobe Made Of?


What’s Your Transitional Wardrobe Made Of?

This is a tricky time of year – at least here in New England. August evening’s smell of autumn breeze rolling in . . . but the days can still be hot and steamy. Transitional clothing can be complicated, right ladies? Then again, there are some items that continue to prove the test of time and seasons.

My first suggestion would be to focus on a dress – I’m a sucker for a dress. I love and appreciate the “one and done” look and so often a dress will always fit the bill. Moving into the fall and winter seasons though – tights are an essential item when needed. SKIN-EEZ has a great reversible tight  (wearable skincare) that I lived in last fall and winter – that goes well with dresses and under jeans, pants – you name it! This was a tough one and wearing a product not on the market before that delivers both fashion and moisturizing benefits was a win-win.

This summer, I found a great tunic that needed a great capri legging to go under it for modesty as well as fashion sense and SKIN-EEZ came though again. I also got turned onto a Cole Haan open toed small wedge in nude and black – and sprung for the slightly higher close-toed wedge that works great with literally almost everything in my closet.

I also like a forgiving t-shirt that you can layer with a light-weight sweater, capris and a nice wedge. Accessories help too in adding color and visual interest to an outfit – both casual and more “formal.”

The key is to know your body type (I’m an “apple” – but slimmer on the bottom and more “ample” on top), budget (want to look great but not break the bank), lifestyle (I work from home but need to not look like a homeless person when I run to retrieve a child or pick up milk and eggs).

Comfort is key as well. Again, another reason I like the one and done look, or throwing on a capri pant, great shoes and a t-shirt with a scarf and tossing on a jacket – if you need to be a bit more “polished” while working, taking care of kids and possibly running into . . . well, who knows?

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Top Ten Tips for Being Body Positive

What exactly is the perfect body image?  The Body Positive Movement is looking to answer that question.  Whatever your size may be, having a positive outlook is key.   SKIN-EEZ has long supported The Body Positive Movement. No more body bashing!  Our concept is, be more in your skin, feel beautiful just the way you are. We are exposed daily to images in the media of men and woman.  The goal is to feel inspired, not ashamed.  To feel liberated and set-free and not shackled by the images of what one person might think is beautiful.  The most powerful message is the one that we deliver to ourselves daily.  That message should always be body positive! Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.51.15 PM 1) When you look at yourself in the mirror, look at yourself as a whole person. You are not just one body part.  Don't waste your time focusing on that one part of yourself, because the world sees you as an entire person. 2) Take time out to appreciate all that your body does for you. Walking, running, jumping, dancing, you name it.  One of the best things to do is just stretch.  It helps get your body ready for the next step and shows appreciation for all of the movement it makes during the day! 3) Beauty is a state-of-mind. It all starts with positive thoughts about yourself.  "Don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to your best-friend." 4)  Speaking of best-friends, surround yourself with positive people. When you are surrounded by loved ones that love you, and love themselves, it keeps your energy positive. 5) Wear clothes that are caring! By caring, we mean comfortable and make you feel good.  Some say who cares about fashion?  Some might feel like the care too much!  The important thing is to care for your body by wearing what feels good.  That is why we came up with wearable skincare! 6) Take a little extra time to do something nice for yourself. A trip to the spa or a new hairstyle can go a long way to feeling positive. 7) Create your own beauty story, and stop telling others. So often we can find ourselves creating the perfect storyline for the images we see in the media.  We need to continue writing the pages of our own! 8) Write a top ten list of things you like about yourself. Trust us, it comes in handy on days where you might need a little extra boost. 9) Don't tear yourself down. When you find yourself being negative, refer back to your list of positive thoughts. 10) Love yourself first, and love will continue to come your way. We remember our mothers telling us this.  I am sure that our grandmothers told our mothers this.  Loving yourself sounds easy, but in todays world filled with images and news feeds galore, it can be hard.  Keep focused on the positive, beautiful! What are your Body Positive Tips?  Comment below, we would love to hear them!
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Athleisure: Mixing Luxury with Comfort

Athleisure is a way to mix luxury with comfort.  Mixing sportswear with fashion is a simple way to be comfortable and chic.  We have spotted Gigi Hadid rocking her leggings to fashionable parties all year long.  Even the girl-next-door running errands at the supermarket wears here favorite pair of leggings and fashionable sneakers. Talk about luxury and comfort; our legging is like wearing silk with luxurious moisturizing ingredients woven right in.  We like to wear our skincare all day long!  That is why we came up with wearable skincare. Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.40.55 AM The thing we love most about the Athleisure trend is how it focuses on wellness.  We always say, "Be More In Your Skin."  Healthy means taking care of yourself from the inside, out.  Our garments are on point with Athleisure.  Woven into the garments are natural healthy skincare ingredients that help wick away moisture while you work out.  Athleisure should also be breathable fabric!  Our camisole helps with moisturizing your skin all day long while you focus on your healthy daily routines! Stretching in the morning is a great way to get your day started.  Whether it be your favorite yoga class or a session by the beach, wearing your favorite athleisure outfit is key.  The key to working this trend is that it is a staple piece, that is transitional.  When you start with the basics, as seen on our model, you can easily dress them up.  Take for example, your favorite statement necklace.  After your yoga class, put on your necklace and pop on a bold lip color.  You will be ready to head out to your favorite lunch hot-spot! Don't forget about your footwear.  It use to be a fashion faux-pas to show up to a party in without those killer heels. With the Athleisure trend, sneakers are the new 'must-have' item.   From Chanel to Nike, there is a brand of fashion-forward sneakers for every woman.  We especially love them with our sleek leggings, you know, because who doesn't love a double-duty athleisure moment like moisturizing your skin while you wear your leggings?  Isn't that the whole point of Athleisure?
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Move Over Coconut Oil, There is a New Skincare Power Player in Town!

Move over Coconut Oil, there is a new power player in town!  Rose-hip Seed Oil!  This skincare ingredient is infused in our garments.  That's right!  Our comfy garments are what we like to call, wearable skincare! Our textiles deliver all of the benefits of this important skincare ingredient while you wear the clothing.  The fabric is "buttery soft", light, airy and feels like silk.  Wear comfortable clothes while getting all of the amazing benefits of Rose-Hip Seed oil! Who knew that your skincare could be wearable? rosehip So you think oil, you think greasy.  Not with this ingredient!  It is light on the skin and absorbs almost instantly.  Which makes it the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin.  Our garments deliver the ingredient continuously through the day so you don't have to slather on the oil! Want to target stretch marks on your stomach?  Try our Miracle Toning Camisole that is infused with the mighty skincare ingredient: Camisole.  The benefits of Rose-Hip Seed oil will be directly applied to your skin while you wear the cami.  Who wouldn't like some extra skincare benefits just while wearing your favorite layering piece? Want to hydrate your legs throughout the day without having to reapply your lotion? Try our Capri.  Swap out your boring black leggings and get something that does double duty.  Instead of waiting for your lotion to dry, just toss on our legging and head out the door! Rose-hip oil is jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  In other words, this ingredient may help correct dark spots, pitting and scarring. If that isn't enough to get you thinking about adding our garment to your skincare routine, then listen to this.  Miranda Kerr has revealed that she uses Rose-Hip Seed Oil nightly on her skin.  She has been quoted: 'And I like to wear rosehip oil at night. It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really works on a cellular level too to rejuvenate the skin."  Many other woman in the public spotlight have showed love for the Rose-Hip!  Miss Paltrow and Kate Middleton, to name a few! Rose-Hip Oil is here to stay!  Get yours today!
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Behind the Scenes at SKIN-EEZ in San Antonio, Texas!

We want to give you all a sneak peek into a day-in-the-life here at SKIN-EEZ!

One of our stops today was visiting the beautiful, San Antonio, Texas!  



Our Crew in San Antonio!  


Mike, our make-up artist, making us look beautiful.  Just like SKIN-EEZ!





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From Our Camisole to Our Capri, We Have Vitamin E!

Oh, yes.  Our garments have skincare in them!  How much you ask?  Equivalent to an entire jar of cream! Our feature ingredient of the day, is the powerful Vitamin E. vitaminE Vitamin E is an important antioxidant. Vitamin E can help with protecting skin cells from sun and pollution, which is what causes premature wrinkling.  This vitamin is in nearly all high-end creams. Vitamin E cream has been used as a beautification treatment for many years, and has also been known to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. While vitamin E has been proven to reduce the appearance of scars when it is applied to recently-healed wounds, it also has a number of anti aging properties. After being absorbed into the skin, this vitamin sinks below the surface, to the deeper layers of the skin and encourages the natural growth of collagen. This gives skin a firmer, plumper look, which can play a significant role in reducing the appearance of many fine lines and wrinkles. SKIN-EEZ is the first garment to incorporate skincare that you wear!
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Five Must Have Items from Target to Wear with your SKIN-EEZ!

We like to call it the "Target Effect."  It is that wonderful feeling of going into a Target Store or browsing, and looking for one item.  Maybe you are looking for our White Camisole?  Then, all of a sudden, your basket is full with a complete outfit!  (And maybe some extra household items too!)  Here is our Top Five Must Have Items to wear along with your SKIN-EEZ!


1)  AVA + VIV - First of all, this entire collection is chic!  In our office, we have a range of sizes, and we are so excited about this line!  SKIN-EEZ White Camisole in L/XL fits nicely on sizes up to 18.  The best part about the design is the length!  It hits closer to the length of a tunic, so no more camisoles that ride up!  It pairs perfectly with the White Crop Denim, keeping you on trend by mixing textures and shades of white!  Shop more Summer Whites, at Target, here! 2)  Fashion Union - A bold printed bottom goes perfectly with a sleek foundation garment like our camisole.  This pant will keep you cool and right on trend!  We love the balance of a slightly tapered bottom, giving you the option of wearing flats to keep it casual or heels to take it right into night! 3)  XOXO - Hello, beautiful!  This drapey, loose, open caftan would look perfect paired with our white camisole!  The lace trim and the lace inset on the sweater will keep your all white ensemble full of playful texture!  Perfect for a breezy summer night! 4) Merona - We love a little Chambray!  These shorts have just enough texture, just enough blue, to pair perfectly with a crisp white camisole!  We love the look of blue and white together for summer.  It makes the perfect backdrop for a bold, bright accessory like a bright scarf or a fun, bold, chunky bracelet! 5)  Sam + Libby - We can't help but get the Target effect when we look in the Shoe Department!  These flats are perfect for wearing with a our camisole, leggings and just toss on your favorite tunic and you are ready for work, play or a night on the town.  The nude color is our favorite, as it lengthens the legs and really pulls together any ensemble! Be sure to check out our line, available at!
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